ALERT – Obama Hid THIS Report Because It Would Help Trump, So Let’s Spread It Everywhere!

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A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Fox News just dropped a bombshell on the Obama administration and it will likely help Donald Trump immensely, the exact reason the administration did not want this information to get out in the first place.

According to its report, the Department of Homeland Security purposely withheld an immigration report that directly refutes the illegal immigration numbers the administration has been touting for “political” reasons… meaning Trump has been right all along about the immigration problems Obama has said are under control.

Currently, we are being told 81 percent of illegal immigrants are being caught, but the new as of yet unreleased report from DHS puts that number closer to 50 percent.

This means an estimated 250,000 illegals are still getting into this country every year!

Representative Martha McSally of Arizona stated, “It erodes the trust as to whether the administration is being honest with the American people about what the threat is.”

And she is absolutely right! This is a perfect example of the dishonesty that started this “movement” by We the People in the first place!

DHS, of course, flat out denies delaying the release of the report and says they are still compiling data, which is why it has not yet been released.

But we know better. This administration has been as dishonest and deceitful as any administration in the history of our country!

Said Jessica Vaughan, the Director of Policy Research for the Center for Immigration Studies, “It appears to me that this research could have been suppressed because it contradicts the Obama administration’s narrative that the border is secure, and it contradicts the administration’s wish for people to believe that illegal immigration is a thing of the past.”

This administration clearly cannot be trusted. So it is now up to We the People to ensure America knows this information!

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Via Angrypatriotmovement

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